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Friday, May 23rd, 2003
10:46 pm

It's been one month since I last asked for website info, and in that time I only heard from one person. These are the people I need info from. If you want me to copy from your userinfo, please let me know. If you have decided to leave the game, let me (and the mod) know.

- Hermione
- Derrick
- Bletchley
- Flint
- Pansy
- Roger
- Percy
- Parvati
- Pucey

Please look at former OOC posts for the info required and where to send it.

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Monday, April 21st, 2003
2:23 pm - Aid my paper procrastination! Submit bios!

Again, another call for info. I know everyone's busy, but I'd really like to get the website officially done. The sooner the info's sent the better, so please do it when you get a spare minute! Even if it's just to drop a line and say "copy-paste from my userinfo, please!" or "things're really crazy right now, but I'll send them this weekend/tomorrow/soon!"

I'm going down the list on the community info, so I'm not sure if it's completely up to date. These are the people I'm lacking info from:


If anyone knows that any of these characters have been dropped by their players but are still on the list, let me know and I'll remove them from this list.

Please send all info to talia_nott@yahoo.co.uk . Thank you!

Edited 4/23: Got Oliver's. Anyone else?

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
9:07 am

I've introduced NPCs into my character's life, and I hope this is okay. I know one of them is a canon character, and although I know I can't stop anyone from acquiring him as a new character, I'm hoping I can keep him a NPC as a plot device.

Also, if there isn't a note to your character in Blaise's last entry, that doesn't necessarily mean he hasn't written one. I don't know what everyone is thinking, so I just used the names of characters whose players I've previously talked to, and if anyone else wants to interact with him/use him for other purposes, please feel free to do so. :)

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Thursday, April 10th, 2003
12:04 pm

Another call for bio info! If your character's name is NOT on the following list, please get it to me soon!:

- Blaise Zabini
- Charles Weasley
- Terence Higgs
- Angelina Johnson
- Eamonn Montague
- Ginny Weasley
- Talia Nott

If you are NOT one of these characters, please send the following information to me (talia_nott@yahoo.co.uk):

- Character Name
- Contact Info (AIM and/or Yahoo! Messenger)
- LiveJournal
- Gender
- Age
- Abilities/Knowledge (specialties, connections)
- Description
- History
- House (if applicable)
- Friends/contacts
- Allegiance (Death Eater, Ministry, Order of the Phoenix, or Neutral). If your character overlaps (for example, Ministry and Order or Ministry and Death Eater), you may choose which category to place him/her in.

I'd like to get the website officially done before the first storyline is completely played out, so please get the information to me as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Wednesday, March 12th, 2003
5:00 pm - Backstory:

Dusty Chessboards

Characters: William and Ron Weasley

Context: To establish relationship & backstory.

Summary: Three years ago, a scene between brothers with a cameo of The Cold Reality of War.

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